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114 Upper College Rd, Swannanoa, NC 28778

##InsideOut #MovieNight
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The Inside Out crew is hosting a movie night this Wednesday! We will be watching "Just Mercy" and will have a follow up discussion (popcorn provided). This film contains heavy but important content. Let's watch this film based on a true story and engage in a meaningful discussion about mental health, racial biases, and ethics within the prison system. 


Content Warnings: 

Rated PG-13, wrongful imprisonment, police brutality, brutality within prison by guards, racial slurs, panic attack, discussion of childhood trauma, execution



Based on a true story; drama: actors are playing out the story- not documentary style. 

A bit more about the crew: 

The Inside Our crew provides academic support inside of Western Correctional Facility and helps support and facilitate the Inside Out courses Warren Wilson offers where (outside) students are able to go into the prison (Western Correction Facility) and take college classes alongside students who are currently incarcerated (inside students). Equity is a major focus of ours, so we try to make the experience of taking a Warren Wilson inside out class as equitable as possible for all students (I.e. by providing the workshops/events, access to disability resources, career planning, and academic support- that our outside students have access to- to our inside students). We also seek to engage the greater Wilson community to actively talk about the carseral system and find ways to engage with the prison system and the individuals who are affected by it. 


Whether you've taken an inside out class in the past, are currently enrolled in one, plan to take one in the future, or you just want to come watch a movie and talk about the prison system we would love to have you and hear your perspective. 

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